Coaching Testimonial:

Carla, Business Development Director

Refining & Marketing

“In my time working with Wendy, I’ve begun stepping into the kind of leader & example I would want to be both personally & professionally. Wendy is epic at honing in on the goals you’re trying to achieve that you haven’t even yet verbalized. A canny listener & sharp ability to deduce, she will assist in the transformation you might have been floundering with longer than you’d been aware. After working with Wendy over these months, I can unequivocally share that I have stepped into my best self, demanded more of myself, given myself grace & feel the evolution occurring on a daily basis in my actions, my thoughts, my deliverables, my reactions. When I first came to Wendy my footing was shaky & I wasn’t wholly confident in my ability to fill the shoes I’d been given. I had set my sights on an opportunity of this nature for 5 to 10 years from now thinking that was the time I needed to evolve & arrive at earning that opportunity. The universe & God had other plans & I’m so grateful they did as it brought me to a truly powerful coach that was able to encourage me into my best self, strong, confident, capable, prepared for the abundant road ahead. If you know you’re capable of more & not quite sure how to bring about that change, evolution & improvement on your own, your best resource, tool & gift will be Wendy. She’ll remind you that you’re the one accomplishing these growth milestones, but she’ll open the door you walked past all those years not realizing it was right there! ” 

Facilitation & Coaching:

Ursula Motyka

Vice President of HR at the YMCA of Hamilton/Burlington/Brantford

“Wendy has facilitated multiple Team Workshops for the YMCA consisting of diverse teams. Wendy's approach and insight has had a significant impact on our People Leaders in understanding their own needs for success and applying that knowledge to helping their team's achieve success. What I value about Wendy is her coaching style and objectivity. She puts people at ease quickly, which enables positive interaction at every level. She is direct and concise, and takes a personal interest in her client's success. The partnership that the YMCA has established with Wendy is truly valued and a key contributor to helping our People Leaders achieve success. ” 

Coaching Testimonial:

Genevieve Hladysh

Senior Regional Manager Health Fitness and Aquatics, The YMCA of Hamilton/Burlington/Brantford

“I have now had the opportunity to work with Wendy in a group setting as well as in one on one coaching environment. The time has been extremely well spent and I walked away from each session have learned something as well as been provided the opportunity to self reflect and problem solve. The tools that Wendy provides are easy to use and implement and don't require a lot of additonal work on my part. In one situation, I had a work issue that Wendy was able to work through with me over the phone and we reviewed a tool that helped to frame an approach that I was comfortable with. The outcome was successful. Being able to have a coach that can work through strategies with you in a confidential and neutral environment was extremely beneficial. I am grateful my employer believed in the coaching model and invested this time in me to help me to grow as a leader.” 

Coaching Testimonial:


CEO, Marketing Company

“Wendy has a powerful ability to connect with her clients and their needs. She is a caring and dedicated professional, committed to the success of her clients.” 

Coaching Testimonial

Jawwad Siddiqui

Founder, PrepYou Inc

“From our call, I was not only able to evaluate my idea but recharge my emotional gas to keep persisting in the entrepreneurial journey. This was much more than I asked or expected. Thus, I wanted to genuinely show my appreciation.” 

Leadership Excellence Program:

Senior Manager, YMCA

“One of the most valuable concepts gained from this program was Responsibility – Choice – Change. 

I will implement this to make a difference by making sure staff have a feeling of purpose and responsibility. 

This will result in better and more productive employees and an environment of integrity.” 

Leadership Excellence Program:

General Manager, Manufacturing & Distribution Company

“Great material & very effective presentation style.  Very well done!”

Coaching Testimonial:

Virginia Selemidis

Partner & COO
Action Team Legal Services

“The highest form of recommendation anyone can provide to another individual is to recommend them to their clients/associate and family members.

At every opportunity I have, I always recommend Wendy Eustace of Clarity Coaching & Facilitation. ”

Ken Teramura,

Senior Training Consultant

“"One measure of a great leader is not the number of followers they have but the number of leaders they develop. One measure of a great coach is the number of leaders they inspire to develop other leaders.  Coach Wendy helps leaders by asking the tough questions they don't want to ask themselves.  She then provides strategies to deal with these tough issues.  Whether you enroll in one of her programs or have her as a coach, she will help you become a better leader, coach and person." ”

Dawn Blainey

Senior Mortgage Agent,
Dawn Blainey and Associates

“I would like to take this time and thank you for your support and coaching.  If it were not for you I might not have opened a successful office in Burlington, Ontario. Thanks for believing in me and boosting my spirits in the coaching session.   You made me be strong enough to get my monies back as well and without that I would not have been able to grow my business…pat yourself on the back.  You are one in a million, truly, thanks..”

Vice President Retail Operations


“Thank you for the discussion today.  I have found each session to be rewarding and insightful..”

Tammy Hwang,

Senior Manager Entrepreneur Experience
The Innovation Factory

"As a young woman in a professional environment working with a coach helped me put into perspective my working style, motivation and work environment. I needed an outside perspective in order to help me be a better worker, colleague, and manager both for my company and for myself.

I've always told my clients to go and find someone with experience in their industry to help you navigate future challenges and obstacles. I took my own advice and found a coach that had "been there, done that”. Wendy was extremely insightful about my current work environment and great at helping me overcome my challenges. A business coach isn't there to tell you how to work, in fact, they are your partner in the journey to becoming a better you."

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